Infor HMS' Contactless Features

Hotels are looking for more guest self-service contactless solutions for a worry-free experience for their guests. Fortunately, Infor's Hotel Management System has existing features that can aid your property.

Guest Check In and Check Out

Guests can select a room, select arrival time and pre-register by following the link sent by the hotel. They can either use their mobile phones, tablets or any device with an internet browser. After which, they can use the QR code scanning at the hotel kiosk to dispense room key and has an option to use a digital/mobile key for check-in. ID validation will be done through the kiosk as well. For checking out, guests can view their existing charges, have their folio sent via e-mail and check out without having to go to the concierge. These features work hand in hand with the self-service kiosk.

Back-end Features

You can automatically create a room rotation system for guest room assignment distancing. Housekeeping duties can also be reorganized to lessen staff contact with guests as well as with other staff. These practices can be made known to your guests to make them feel at ease during their stay.

Courtesy Point Technologies is the official channel partner of Infor here in the Philippines. We provide online and on-site support to our clients. For more information about Infor's Hotel Management System, please send us an e-mail at or