Courtesy Point's Club Management System for A Safer Guest Experience

Courtesy Point Technologies' Club Management System (CMS) has the following features to lessen the direct and indirect interactions among your resort staff and guests:

Auto Check-in and Check-out

Guests are not required to go to the reception to check-in and check-out. Your members' first transaction automatically checks them in. There is no need for them to fill-out forms or other paperwork. Guests automatically get checked out at the end of the day and transactions made that day will be charged in their statement of account.

Booking of Facilities via Mobile App

Booking of facilities can be done using the mobile application. Apart from lessening the interaction of the club members and the resort staff, the admin can also track when and what time the facility was last used. This will allow more time for the housekeeping staff to sanitize the facility before the next booking and the resort admin can limit the booking of the facilities altogether.

E-mail Blasts and e-Statements

Printing of circulars and sending them to your club members would result in more hand to surface and surface to hand contacts. This also uses a lot of your staff's valuable time. CMS has a feature where club announcements and auto-compute e-Statements can be sent to the members via e-mail or through CMS' Mobile Application.

Digital Job Order Recording

The Job Order Module can lessen the paperwork as well as staff-to-staff interaction by simply informing the resort admin or the maintenance workers via phone about the task to be done. These tasks will be recorded digitally and will be stored in the system without having to manually write on forms.

Learn more about Courtesy Point's Club Management System by watching this short video. You may schedule an online demo with us by sending an email to or